"The Customer our boss / quality our pride"

In March 2018, ECI opened a branch in Thabazimbi, Limpopo.

We had an objective to give back to the local community and we found a school for special needs children that we could support. Little did we know that these kids and the very special teachers, would become an integral part of our lives and hearts. These kids are special to us on every level. They ask nothing and they have SO MUCH LOVE to give. To ECI, this has become the highlight of our monthly meetings.

As a company, we have a staff meeting every month. One month in Thabazimbi and one month at head office in Pretoria. Needless to say, our meetings, when held in Thabazimbi, are VERY short, because when done, we move out to Spitskop Special needs school for a funfilled day with our kids. We spend the day with them, interacting with them, having fun on the waterslides and fixing small problems, such as, waxol on their wendy's-which serves as classrooms, and poison against the ants. Obviously, this gets done late afternoon when all the kids have gone home. 

COVID has played a major role in not getting to our kids for the past 5 months, but we hope to be going soon again.

November 2019 was a highlight, as we were invited to a preview of their Christmas concert. I don't know if people know this, but special needs kids, need special attention. O the joy! They danced and sang in union. What an accomplishment. And the obvious love between them and their teachers.....if you haven't experienced this firsthand, you'll most likely not understand this bond.

In July, we assisted them with the addition of a new classroom, upgraded their playground and installed some new swings.

Often, the small things count more. In this case, the small things, refer to our undivided attention and interaction with our kids. Because they are socially isolated, they embrace us as family, purely and simply because we accept them and have fun with them. We end the day usually with a braai of some sorts. At the last fun day we were greeted with water bombs and the kids had a chance to build their own hamburgers. Something so small and meaningless to some, but so much effort and concentration required for others, and the absolute triumph when they succeed.


Keep a look out for more posts and pictures of our special kids.

Special because they make us whole.

Special, because they accept us.

Special, because the love is infinite.

Special because they make you realize that life is a breeze and not a storm.

Well done to Salomien (founder), Nerisa (school head mistress) and teachers for the haven you have created for these children and ultimately for us, ECI.

Can't wait for our next visit!