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Unilever Waterfall Project

* Commissioning of 11kV Schneider Switchgear

* Assembly of Schneider blockset MCC's.

* Commissioning of Schneider MCC's.

Universal Pulp and Paper Manufacturers (DINU) 1MVA Transformer

* Remove old transformer

* Supply 1MVA transformer with installation and commissioning

Multotech Reverse Osmosis (RO) Skid Pilot Plant

* Electrical design

* PLC software and SCADA development

* Commissioning

Eskom Research centre

* PLC software and SCADA development

* Instrumentation

* Commissioning

Clover Water treatment plant -phase 1

* Panel building

* PLC software and SCADA development

Clover Water treatment plant -phase 2

* Panel building

* PLC software and SCADA development

Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine Water treatment plant

* PLC software and SCADA development

* Instrumentation

* Commissioning


*Upgrade PLC Panels and MCC control gear

*Install 2 new scada enclosures to increase IP rating on scada machines 

*SET-UP Emerson drives on profibus network

*Re-load and backup all site PLC and Scada software with licenses

*New pumps and control gear on excising system

Nissan SA - Rosslyn

* Move 10 green zone areas

* Domestic Panels and wiring


Nampak Springs

*New warehouse system

*Cable and racking

*Profibus network

*Machinery connection



* Electrical and instrumentation design

* Panel building

* PLC software and SCADA development

Bader South Africa - Bronkhortspruit / Garanqwa

* Element/PLC modification of 10 packing lines

* Powerfactor Panels and reporting

* Colour Tank software and touch screen automation

* Dye drums PLC panels and automation

* Pressure and vsd panel controls

Nedan Oils - Potgietersrust

* New PLC and scada system for old plant section

* Remote I/O

* Field wiring and instrumentation

BCS - Ford PHASE 2

* Electrical and instrumentation design

* Panel building

* PLC software and SCADA development

Pioneer Seeds

* Cable work

*Cable Racking

*New Form 4 B Panels for Genertor site supply


*DAF Plant


* New containerised MCC

* Automation

* Touch screens

* Safety and instrumentation

* Plant refurbishment

Mosmart PH Dosing system - Cape Town

*PLC Panel and scada system

Eskom Grootvlei - AquaPlan

Honeywell PLC AND HMI Programming

Rhino Mine - Imerys

*IR Scan and Site COC

Sabie Management - Unilever - Elevator automation



RCL Foods PLC Support and back-up


*PLC Back-up

*Remote access

Imerys Earthing Project



*Power save project

Imerys SteelPoort

*Safety system for conveyors

*New PLC and alarming system

*GSM Modem

Imerys Field Isolator Installation

* 295 Field Isolators

* PLC Program

*Scada Wonderware

Imerys Power metering Project

Complete Power reading and monitoring system remote access

Pioneer Seed Compressor DB Upgrade

Automatic change over switches and Main power panel system

Bader Temperature Control Project

Leather machine upgrade x 10

Sectech Shaker and aspiration Project

Install profibus (Siemens drives and software with Wonderware scada system)

Rhino HT Upgrade

Install HT Power factor unit on main substation

Install 3 sub power factor systems in MCC's


IMERYS Plant 7 MCC Upgrade

IMERYS dryer and mag plant MCC and automation with new DIA View scada system

Imerys CTVT unit supply and install

Angola - Nampak line controls and new Alu line 

Angola Nampak Fibre network upgrade

Angola scada system upgrade and line controls

OR Leathers Brits, North West. Automation upgrade.


Angola Nampak COC site

Angola Nampak tank farm upgrade

Nampak Rosslyn - Fan upgrade